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The Great Mantisdai Campaigns

Posted on 2008.03.03 at 09:36
Current Location: Earth
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The Mantisdoids are an insect like species, and as Warhok discovered on his time on Earth, they resemble the Earth insects known as the Mantis.

Except Mantisoids are far larger and are far more intellegent.

So, intellegent in fact that their civilization stretched to many planets, destroying all intellegent inhabitants and settling on them, even changing its atmosphere and habitat to suit their needs.

The Lorwardians never cared for them, they were nothing...

But then a line was crossed.

And then we realized we underestimated them...

Norton. A beautiful Lorwardian planet, well known for its many fortresses providing security for the rest of the Empire....was attacked!

The overwhelming stream of Mantisoids coming down from the heavens caught everyone by surprise. Armor and weapons of design unheard of and never seen before- word of an immense supersonic weapon that leveled the fortresses with a wave of sound most destructive reached Lorwardian command.

Something had to be done.

Honorable warriors from across the Empire took up arms to once again stand in defense of our beloved nation!

Fleets moved to engage the oppressing enemy, meeting them in battle, head to head, Lorwadian and Mantisoid fought to the last breath until once again the Lorwardians stood victorious!

But, it was not over yet...

In order to ensure our security, and in vengeance of the destruction Norton suffered, Mantisdai had to pay!

They refused to hand over a tribute, they refused to surrender....and so, we had to MAKE them surrender.

For weeks our campaign into their territories raged on. Day after day, more and more Lorwardians fell in battle, and even more Mantisoids fell as well.

One day we push and win over a planet, the next we lose another, and it went on for three agonizing weeks. Until....the fourth week of the campaign- we caught them by surprise.

We discovered their main hives were based in the capital, above an enourmous moundm known as Mount Mantisia, their most sacred place. We realized our new target...

And so, all fleets were called in for one epic push!

In the first day, our destroyers, frigates and juggernaughts, clouding their skies, closed in on Mount Mantisia. All guns pounding it from the top, bringing it down one level at a time!

They were utterly devasted! Even with all our guns ablaze we could hear their cries and screams, calling for surrender....but it was too late.

The rest of the fourth week was nothing.....clean up work. No fighting, no resistance...just...clean up work.

The Mantisoids are now an exinct species. Their civilization left to ruins, the last remains of a dead culture.

Even as I walked among the ravaged ground where Mount Mantisia and its surrounding mounds once were I could still hear the silent echoes of its inhabitants, caught off guard, taken by the Lorwardian Fists in the skies above.

A lesson was learned this day.

It won't be long before Lorwardian engineers will come here, to build new homes, new schools, new parks for the Lorwardian civilization to expand into these territories. New planets, new cultures and a new chapter in history.

And Warhok was there to see it all.


The Great Rebellion of Treetopsidia VI

Posted on 2008.01.05 at 23:46
Current Location: Enroute to Earth
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The Lorwardian Empire has colonnized a large portion of the galaxy, and it is Warhok's duty to ensure that these colonies remain under control.

Unfortunately, there are those who defy our glorious society, and in doing so must be crushed without mercy!

Treetopsidia VI is a moon most notable for its inhabitants, tree people, otherwise known as Treetopsidians...

The Lorwardians have no interest in them however, it is the larva that grow deep in the mountains that interest us. The juices in those slimy creatures are ideal for drawing the tattoos that us Lorwardians are so accustomed to doing.

We've taken up enslaving the Treetopsidians and working them in the deep and dark mines of the mountain ranges, but there are those who resisted.

This rebellion grew over the years, became a nuisance, a persistant insult to Lorwardia!

And so it was Warhok's task to put an end to it once and for all...

Our approaching fleet encountered no resistance, the Treetopsidians are a primitive species, unaccustomed to the void of space. Warhok would've called on orbital strikes, but the cowards are difficult to detect in the thick forests, and many took up refuge beneath the mountains...besides, Warhok prefers engaging the enemy with his own hands!

So we took up a ground assault, facing off the giant Treetopsidian rebels in various terrain, from their home forests, to the mountain cliffsides, and even into the deep mines....it would've been a battle worthy of a glorious record in Lorwardian history had their bark hides been able to protect them from Lorwardian iron and laser weapons!

Indeed, it was practically a massacre. But those splinter heads made a great example for other colonies to never defy Lorwardia!

As usual, Warhok was rewarded greatly  and was given prestigious awards for his performance.

It is said the Treetopsidian bark is a tasty delicacy on some planets, and so Warhok brought along a few carcasses to feast on with friends on Earth.

May the Lorwardian Empire prosper for a thousand years!

Warhok, signing off...


I am Warhok, and I am alive...

Posted on 2007.10.22 at 22:52
Current Location: Earth, RS.net
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Entry 1- Joining RS.net

Since that devastating battle on Earth my memory went blank. I do not remember what happened, or how I survived.

I just remember crawling out of debris. Humiliated.

Since then I went to search for my comrade, Warmonga. When I finally tracked her down, I discovered that she has joined an online community of humans and...nekos.

This planet is strange. The more I learn, the more I want to know more. And the more I interact  with Earthers, the more I find that this planet is challenging not my physical capabilities, but my patience instead!

When Warmonga and I I finally met she explained that she has chosen to give in to her compassion for...a droid. IT made no sense to me at the time, and it still makes no sense to me.

She has forgotten her purpose, she has abandoned Lorwardia!

But, I cannot live to know that there is still one Lorwardian left who does not respect me, one who does not think I am an honorable warrior, in order to prove that I am to her, I will have to take on the challenges of this planet. I will have to learn...patience.

Until next time,

this is Warhok signing off.